Well I’ve been at my gran’s, so I was a bit confused at first to get on here and find you all adieu-ing! I don’t know what to say either, like most of you. Um, I haven’t been here that long. But I love it, you were all so damn friendly. I’ve gotten to know a few of you, and this roleplay was one of my favourite parts of any day. It’s helped me restart my writing outside of roleplay I think.

I don’t have any of my lovely gifs since I’m on my aunt’s laptop but I don’t think I could find any to fit. Hell, I’m gonna miss you all. If anyone is still left, please come and talk to me on my personal crrrazyworld.tumblr.com

Thank you, for y’all being amazing.


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Good luck

Hey guys, this honestly was my first try at a Tumblr roleplay, and although it didn’t last very long after I joined it, I really enjoyed the time I spent with you all. You have all been so cheerful and welcoming to a newcomer like me. You all really seemed to love and own your characters, and I’m sad to see that this community’s time has finally come to an end. I’m going to miss you all, and I’m definitely going to miss playing Savannah, whom I’ve come to love a lot. 

I’m not really the kind of person who likes to say goodbye… So even though we’re parting ways now, I’m going to say “good luck” to all of you instead. I really hope to run into you all sometime in the future, maybe through another community or just a silly little reblog on our personals. 

You guys can definitely contact me here if you need anything, or you just want to talk. :] 

Love you all, and may the gods be with all of you. :D


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I hope there are people left to see this, because I just got back and I really want a chance to say goodbye. I guess we’ve been losing this place for a while now though and it sucks, because I joined this game, like, last October or something and I’ve been here an age but I also agree that it’s getting more difficult to write Thalia after doing it for so long. Roleplaying in general too, actually.

I don’t use my personal too much but I might pick it up again and it’s here. I follow some of you already, but if you guys message me with your personals or reblog or reply or anything, I’ll follow you. Everyone here is great. I’m sorry that this whole thing was cheesy and cliche, I just had to say my bit. :)

None of you be strangers.

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I’m going to miss everyone here.

It makes me so sad that we have to part ways. I love you all so much. Good bye for now hopefully. 


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I came home from camp to find that this roleplay closed and it does break my heart to say goodbye. I’ve done many other roleplays, but not a whole lot of Percy Jackson ones, simply because I didn’t know which one to choose. I chose this roleplay because I could tell that the players, few as we were, were passionate ones. I’m sad to leave Piper behind (she has been one of my favorite characters), especially because I’ve only had her for a short time, but I guess it’s time to say goodbye to both my character and this amazing group.

You can find me on my two roleplay accounts: Lilo and Rusty. So yeah! If anybody wants to talk, you’ll find me there. I usually give good advice. 

Much, much love,


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I’m going to miss all of you

It’s difficult to find a roleplay so charming and nice, but I’m so glad I had the chance to join you guys. Really, it’s been great. Thank you for welcoming me. 


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Well I guess this is goodbye then

I’ve had lots of fun with you all and grown to adore you guys. Here’s my personal love to keep in touch and everything. Had tons of fun and memories, forever will remember the good times here thanks for awesome moments you guys given me. Have a wonderful time and life and everything.

Lots of love,


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As you’ve already seen, I’ve decided to close this place down. The time was just right.

If you want me, you can follow me on my personal here.



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So yeah, I’m gonna be at my gran’s for the next few days, but I should be online with my phone. I just won’t manage to be very active.

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So I’ve been thinking a lot and I think I might be leaving the roleplaying circle for a while. I do love the games and I think you’re all awesome but it’s been ridiculously hard to focus on my muses and all of my accounts have been suffering. I think I may retire into modding or becoming a roleplay critic. It’s been an amazing experience, roleplaying on tumblr… But  I’ve been doing this for years and years now and I think it’s time to stop and focus on my own original writing. If I keep putting all of my energy into portraying other peoples’ characters I’ve got little to no hope of being able to concentrate on my own.

I have no doubts you’ll find another Percy; there are tons of other awesome Percy roleplayers out there who can probably be on like every day and won’t constantly lose threads and don’t have the myriad of emotional issues I have attached to this game.

So, darlings, I bid you adieu. I’ll probably still lurk around and stalk your threads because I love you guys and you’re all great at who you play but I’m not going to be an active participant. Feel free to follow my personal, lukesbootycall, which I’ll probably start concentrating on more soon. I’ve been doing graphics for a small company out here so there hasn’t been much time for internet.

I love you guys. 

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